Finally, workouts that work for you.

It can be hard to make space for your own health and happiness. You're too busy taking care of everyone else, you run out of time and energy to take care of yourself.

We're here to help you change that.

Unlike traditional gym workouts, our dance-based fitness classes combine your love of movement and music with healthy eating to help you reach your goals. 

Classes that fit your style and your schedule

Drop-in to a live class or choose from hundreds of on-demand options that can be done in 30 minutes or less from your living room, your patio, or even while on holiday. 

Fitness made fun

Incredible playlists and special themed classes will have you looking forward to getting your sweat on. And, our instructors bring the energy and motivation you need to crush your goals - every single time.

Real results for every body (and mind) 

Get access to exclusive workouts, meal plans, and mindset exercises that are proven to help you lose weight, increase your energy, and boost your mood.

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