I went from overworked stressed fitness instructor to a Lifestyle Transformation Expert 

I love the 80s! Bros, New Kids On The Block! Yes I am that girl! When I'm not building my businesses, I love nothing more than going for long walks or curling up on the sofa with my family!

I have gone from an overworked stressed fitness instructor lacking in confidence, struggling with anxiety and battling with my weight, and "yes woman" to a Lifestyle Transformation Expert helping hundreds of women feel confident in their own skin and become unstoppable through my online coaching, fitness classes and training programs.

I wasn't good enough.

Before I moved into the online world I was teaching fitness classes every week, suffering burn out, stressed about money, no direction, no self love, no confidence in my abilities and even though I had taught in excess of 120,000 students in my classes I still felt "I wasn't good enough" and that "I had more to offer".

I was a "yes girl too"! Always eager to please. Desperate for approval from others which was holding me back. Scared to do anything new for fear of failure. 

For a long time I hated me. I hated the way I looked. I used to hate having my photos taken and would hide behind my daughters to avoid anyone seeing my body. I felt rubbish about myself and my clothes didn't fit properly. On the outside, everything looked fine. But inside I was miserable.

Transformation isn't about adding more work to your life; it's about shifting your perspective so life becomes more fun, magical, and joyful - Sheri   

At 38, I decided enough was enough and set out on a journey of personal and self development by becoming a coach...I became a sponge for knowledge and how the mind works and how it is working against us. Something hit a chord and I realised how much I needed to work on me if I was going to grow as a person.

So I got to work ON ME.  Reading every single day.  Listening to podcasts on self development anywhere I could.  The more I read.  The more I learned.  The more I began to change my thought patterns.  I stopped reading glossy magazines and newspapers and dived 100% into finding me again.

The thing is, for years, I never used to think it was worth trying anything new as I would always fail. I had ZERO confidence! Oh how times have now changed.....and I feel unstoppable in my goals and dreams! 

I now teach women to feel incredible in their own skin and confident so that they can go and smash their goals! I have gone from a struggling fitness instructor to a Lifestyle Transformation Expert with multiple income streams in place.

Now it is my turn to help you feel incredible in your own skin, build confidence and become unstoppable in your life goals.