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5 Tips When Feeling Overwhelmed


At the moment you may be feeling completely overwhelmed. Life, work and family commitments may all seem to be getting on top of you right now

You're trying to manage getting your work done in the kitchen, whilst home schooling your children, taking the dog for a walk, getting your exercise in, doing that zoom meeting with the office and you are just feeling totally stressed and overwhelmed.

I want to give you 5 tips that I use to help me when i'm feeling overwhelmed so you can feel better and happier.  So lets get down to it.

Number 1 - It may sound silly but "know your purpose".

Know your vision, your goals, and your plans because these help you set priorities. Each day, identify the task you must accomplish and make that your top priority. Also, set aside time to invest in your future, working on important things that you will need later. If you have yet to write out your priorities, then take time to do this. It could be the most important hour that you spend in your life. Remember that vision board I mentioned previously.  this is a great way to identify your goals and put your vision in front of you everyday.

Number 2.  Get used to saying "No"!

Be fiercely protective of your time. Make sure each new commitment adds value for you. Do what is necessary and then stop. Rather than ask yourself "What can I do?" ask "What can I not do?" Avoid low value tasks, new projects, and distractions. Then tell people about your decisions. Huge amounts of effort are wasted by people trying to complete tasks that someone else decided to ignore.

Number 3. Schedule in your Life.

Even if you ride an accelerating treadmill when it comes to your life you can step off once in a while.  I used to be a workaholic because I love what I do but realised I also needed down time too.  So getting off that treadmill regularly is so important.  Take Saturday or Sunday off. Give yourself a two minute break when you close your eyes, rub your neck, or meditate. Set a date with family members for a meal or an activity (hint: put this date on your calendar as if it were an important business appointment, because it is).  Schedule in when you are going to go for that family walk and stick to it.  Add it all to your planner for time off.  This is the planner I use so that I schedule time in for life.

Number 4. Protect Yourself.

When you’re tired, your efficiency falters. Thus, eat healthy foods. Get enough sleep. Avoid toxic habits. Exercise (get in a home workout or go for a walk). If possible, schedule exercise as if it were a business appointment.

Number 5. Be Efficient.

Spend time only with people who add value to your life. Buy only from companies that provide adequate support. Hold effective meetings. Decline invitations to meetings without an agenda (I guarantee these will accomplish nothing). Avoid conflicts; they always cost time to repair. Keep your cool; anger always costs you more than what it achieves. Take a moment to plan before starting a task.  As I am self employed, I need to ensure that I am as efficient as possible and I have the right tools for my work.  Putting in systems has helped reduce overwhelm massively and knowing the tools that can make it quicker for me to achieve my end goal is key.  Please feel free to check out my blog on the tools I use daily to help me in my business as these have helped me to be more productive and more importantly reduce overwhelm.

If you feel someone you know is overwhelmed right now.  Please feel free to send this to them as you never know, it may just give them some useful tips to getting through their day.

Jen x



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