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Creating a healthy, fun, corporate culture while working from home

You are currently navigating uncharted waters.

The working day has changed.  

Where your employees log-in to their computer from has changed.

How your teams communicate and collaborate has changed. 

Everyone huddled around a water cooler or chatting in the kitchen together making a drink has changed.  

And, for how long - we have no idea. 

We’ve known for a long time that wellness programming is critical to helping keep employees happy and healthy. But, what are you to do now that employees can’t even come to the office? How can you encourage your employees to be active while staying safe?

Looking ahead, more and more employers are recognising the benefits of flexible work arrangements and this includes rethinking how they deliver wellness programming. At The Dance Club at Home, we know firsthand that it is possible to continue to create a healthy - and fun - corporate culture even when employees are working from home. You just need to get a little creative. Below are our top tips that have proven most effective:

  • Create a custom health and wellbeing programme dedicated to your organisation:

When we think about wellbeing, that includes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. While some traditional benefits - such as discounted gym memberships - might help an individual stay fit, they aren’t very helpful during lockdown and they are one-size-fits-all.  When they do reopen, they lack an all-too-important factor - the ability to socialise and connect with coworkers - which is critical to the success of your organisational culture. 

Instead, think about developing a custom health and wellbeing programme specific to the goals of your organisation and the needs of your employees. Today, it is possible to offer online-based programming dedicated to your company that lets your employees workout and socialise with one another from the comfort and safety of their own home. You can also provide wellness webinars, allowing employees to get support and guidance across a range of wellness-related topics and encouraging them to take control of their health - body and mind. Some companies even offer incentives and health and wellness challenges to encourage participation. The result? Lower stress levels, improved health outcomes, increased engagement, enhanced productivity, and ongoing team building. 

  • Continue to hold social events - just virtually!

Many employees report that work is more stressful and arduous than ever before. Why? Because all the fun from the workday has gone missing. No more ‘me’ time on their morning commute, no more water cooler talk, no more afterwork drinks. But, that shouldn’t mean no more fun. Work is such a large part of an individual’s life that it is important to help employees feel connected - with one another and with the greater mission of the organisation. Many companies have found success in holding regularly scheduled online social events, including Zoom lunches, quiz night, karaoke, murder mystery night, and even virtual holiday parties (check out The Secret Event Service for ideas on that last one). 

  • Encourage employees to maintain specific working hours and have a clear start and finish to their work day:

One of the first things employees notice when they begin working from home is that they are working more, not less - like some employers fear. Many employees wake up and log-on to their computer while eating breakfast and continue checking in until they go to bed. This isn’t sustainable and will quickly lead to burnout.

Encourage your employees to maintain semi-normal working hours and to do something for their physical, mental, and emotional health before and after work. For example, taking a short walk before the work day begins and after the working day ends is a great way to symbolise the start and finish of a work day and allows employees to create healthy boundaries that will help them be more productive and engaged in the long run. 

Our Dance Club at Home team has helped corporate and charitable organisations implement the tips above with great success and we’re confident they will help you create a healthy, fun corporate culture as well. If you’d like assistance in pursuing this for your organisation, please reach out - my team and I are more than happy to partner with you to reach your specific goals.


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