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I Need Help! I'm Stuck and Don't Know What To Do Next!

Have you got to the end of 2020 and you still aren't any closer to reaching your goals in either business or in your health?

Well, I want to help you?  For a long time, I always tried to figure everything out for myself, I never invested in coaching.  I never invested in learning.  I never invested in ME! I would spend more time going round and round in circles trying to figure everything out without getting any support rather than having a clear focus and a plan as what to do to move closer to my goals.  I was frozen with fear of making mistakes.

So, what changed?

I invested in a coach?  I got help from someone who was further ahead than me, who was doing what I wanted to do and who had the knowledge to get me to the next step and who could advise and provide me with actionable steps so I didn't feel like I was always going round in circles.

From that moment on, I realised how important it was to have a guide. 

Someone who could show me the way.

2020 has been the year for me to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

In 2020 alone, I have

- created an online health and fitness monthly membership and app delivering on demand and live weekly fitness sessions for clients across the UK and internationally with hundreds of workouts, trainings and nutrition support available at your fingertips

- created digital courses and downloads to make your life better,

Look Feel and Sound Your Best on Camera

Get Confident on Camera

Download All My Guides For Online Videos

The Ladies Confidence Course

- created digital stand alone products

5 Day Body Blast,

28 Day Body Breakthrough,  

- Co-contributer/author to The Power of Why 2 Book which is now in the Top 3 in the Amazon Book List in several countries (get your copy here for only £0.77p) and help us reach Number 1 in the UK!  At The time of writing, we are at Number 4 in the UK and Number 2 in the US.

- Speaker and presenter at 3 Online International Summits for women

- Built The Dance Club at Home to a team of 5 who are based all around the world working together so we can make a bigger impact.

- Delivered countless group training and coaching sessions

- Partnered with Colostomy UK delivering weekly fitness sessions for #activeostomates across the UK

- Delivering weekly fitness programming to a Top 100 Law Firm

(There are also lots of other things in the pipeline but I can't share them with you yet...but so much exciting work going on)

As you can see, I am well and truly taking action on my goals.

This is what I want to help you with.  To take action so that you can go into 2021 with a clear vision and goal.

So whether that be in relation to building confidence, getting confident on camera, building your network around the world, becoming co-author of a book, learning how to take your hobby or your bricks and mortar business online, how to find the right virtual assistant to help you build your business when you're just starting out as an entrepreneur, to creating your vision board and goals. I have so much knowledge and would love to help you.

And I will do this in my 1-2-1 (2 hour) coaching session.  For 2 hours, you will get my full attention, and together we will go through where you are right now, your goals, and what you're struggling with and together we will develop a plan of action for YOU going forward.  

Now this isn't a one size fits all type of coaching.  It is bespoke to YOUR needs.

Due to work commitments, I am only opening up 4 COACHING CONSULTATIONS so if you would like one of my 4 slots available then click on the link here and let's get the time in the diary.   

2020 has been a tough year, but don't let that stop you making 2021 the year of taking action and reaching your goals.

The world needs to see what you have to offer!

To book your 2 Hour Consultation click on the link here.  Once you have booked on, we will be in touch to arrange a time. 

Time to take ACTION! 


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