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Non - Scale Victories...what are they and why should they matter


Have you ever heard me talk about non-scale victories before?  You may be thinking no but in my challenge groups I talk about them all of the time as they are so so important when you are looking to improve your health and things could be happening which you are glazing over and missing because you're so focused on the scale.

So what are they?  Well let's go through some examples of non scale victories when you start improving your health.

When the scale doesn't move but

- Your trousers feel looser

- you notice you haven't been getting as many headaches as you normally would

- you find yourself laughing more

- you are enjoying being with the kids again 

- you feel less stressed

- you're feeling more confident and as a result you throw on those shorts and rock the fresh air on your legs 

- your skin feels smoother

- your friends and family say you look happier

- you feel confident to ask your boss for a pay rise because you know you're worth it.

- you can see the definition in your arms and notice muscles you've never see before....

- you're bum feels rounder and more pert that you want to keep touching it.

Do you get where i'm coming from with the non-scale victories.

So many things can start to change for the better when you decide to improve your health but sometime we just purely focus on the scales and we don't actually see how much better we feel as sometimes we can't see the NSV's or (non-scale victories) so it's now time to make a note of how you are feeling right now and as the days and weeks go by write down some of the changes you are feeling and seeing and give yourself a massive hi 5 as these are signs of improving your health.

I would love you to share with me any non-scale victories that you have noticed since improving your health.  If you feel like you haven't had any NSVs then it may be time to get some support.

If you need support with your health and fitness then i'm now enrolling for my next fitness challenge which will have you feeling incredible and not only lose up to 15lbs but also have lots of non scale victories.

If you would like access to a sample workout from the 10 Rounds program then click on the link here to download access.  

If you're ready to get started in my challenge group then to order your challenge pack click here.

I want you to start celebrating every win and to always remember the non-scale victories.

And if you feel someone you know would benefit from this then please feel free to share it with them.

Wishing you health and happiness

Jen x


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