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I Need Help! I'm Stuck and Don't Know What To Do Next!

Have you got to the end of 2020 and you still aren't any closer to reaching your goals in either business or in your health?

Well, I want to help you?  For a long time, I always tried to figure everything out for myself, I never invested in coaching.  I never invested in learning.  I never invested in ME! I would spend more time going round and round in circles trying to figure everything out without getting any support rather than having a clear focus and a plan as what to do to move closer to my goals.  I was frozen with fear of making mistakes.

So, what changed?

I invested in a coach?  I got help from someone who was further ahead than me, who was doing what I wanted to do and who had the knowledge to get me to the next step and who could advise and provide me with actionable steps so I didn't feel like I was always going round in circles.

From that moment on, I realised how important it was to have a guide. 

Someone who could show me the way.


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Who Am I? Let me introduce myself

Hi, my name is Jennifer Emery.

I am 41, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a fitness professional, a coach, entrepreneur and your positive social media friend.

You will see me regularly pop up on my social media feed each day and in my stories and share my life with you in the hope that I will inspire you to take action on reaching your goals, teach you something you didn’t know and maybe entertain you with my smutty mind and amazing sense of humour #justhumourmeonthatone 


I am here for the amazing ladies and gents who need help and support and who want to join me in my community of positive people looking to live the next chapter of their life better than the first with their health, life and in business.

So to those of you new to my site, thank you for being here. I hope I make your day a little brighter. To those of you who have been here with me for a while, thank you for all your love and support I really do appreciate it You are amazing!

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