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I'm asking you to become off balance on purpose...

This may sound strange as for years, I am sure you have been looking to have more balance in your life.

If you're anything like me, you have have been striving for balance like I had for years but never actually achieved it so as a result you end up feeling guilty for being off balance. 

I promised myself a few years that I would strive to learn more so that I could be more and live more and what I realised about balance is that it shouldn't be what we are looking for.  

I'm asking you to consider becoming off balance on purpose.  Now stay with me on this one as when I was first introduced to this theory, I was of a mindset and in a place were I was always thinking that I needed to strive for more balance.  After hearing a talk about off balance on purpose it really helped me to change my thinking.

So let's get down to it.

Balance vs Off Balance

Stagnance vs Growth and action

Sameness vs Change

Protecting what is imaginary /unrealistic vs our real natural...

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Feeling Motivated...or not? A-Z of Motivation

Usually it is pain that will be the reason why people make changes.  For example, not being able to fasten your jeans may make you realise you need to get your good habits back on track or it could be getting bad results in a test makes you realise you need to study more.  Being in debt may force you to take action to create your own income so you are not reliant on others to decide your income.  Being humiliated in work may give you the push to speak up more or to work on your mindset so you can fight back confidently and save face from the next embarrassing moment.  It may be your closest friend or family's tragic experience that makes you change what you are doing right now or it could be something like a film or book that gives you that drive and motivation you need to improve yourself.  

If you look around, there will always be people trying to pull you down and waiting for you to fail.  It could be your closest family members or people on...

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